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Angelantoni Test Technologies SRL
Booth: 4

Daniela Falini

ATT Angelantoni Test Technologies is the global partner for any testing need, offering a broad range of solutions thanks to its leading brands: ACS comprehensive range of standard and customized Environmental Test Chambers, BIA test benches and crash test systems, TIRA electrodynamic shakers, material testing equipment, balancing systems.

Arbin Instruments
Booth: 12

Antony Parulian

Arbin is the leading global supplier of multi-channeled potentiostat/galvanostat testing systems for every energy storage device application. This includes materials research, batteries, capacitors, x-EVs, flow batteries, fuel cells and humidifiers. We cover applications ranging from nano-amps up to thousands of amps. Arbin is a multi-million dollar corporation nestled in the heart of Texas with thousands of systems in operation in over 50 countries.

Argonne National Laboratory
Booth: 1

Carl Shurboff

Argonne National Laboratory's battery research spans from basic materials science through material scale-up, prototyping and battery post-test. Argonne is home to leading edge scientific research facilities, including the Advanced Photon Source and the Materials Engineering Research Facility. Argonne has 150+ cathode, anode, electrolyte, coating, and additive technologies available for licensing.

Bio-Logic SAS
Booth: 11

Herve Bonin

Bio-Logic is a global leader for high precision potentiostats/Galvanostats and Multipotentiostats for more than 15 years. We provide integrated EIS systems, either in multi-channels format for battery cyclers or single portable potentiostats. Our leadership in the energy testing is balanced by our ability to explore low current as well. Powerful EC-Lab software platform proposes all kind of electrochemical tests procedure with built in the calculations tools. We invite you to discover our latest BCS-815 system, for industrial cycling tasks and investigations.

Breton SpA
Booth: 22

Fabio Bassetto

Breton SpA is an Italian company, world leader in the stone market industry for its plants and technology for manufacturing and processing compound stone. It occupies an area of 80.000 m2, of which 43.000 are covered, and employs 550 persons. Recently it has expanded its interest in the production of innovative materials for the storage of energy thanks to the know-how developed together with some Italian Universities.

Booth: 7

Silvia Wipfli

Bühler offers integrated wet grinding and dispersing process solutions for lithium ion battery active material production as well as for the preparation of cathode, anode and separator slurries. Additionally, Bühler Leybold Optics offers a wide range of vacuum machinery and processes for the deposition of metal and dielectric layers onto flexible as well as rigid substrates.

Denki Kagaku Kogyo Kabushiki Kaisha
Booth: 17

Masakazu Minegishi

Denki Kagaku Kogyo Kabushiki Kaisha (DENKA), established in 1915, is a Japanese leading chemicals manufacturer developing business on a global scale in a wide range of fields, from raw materials, both inorganic and organic, to electronic materials and pharmaceuticals.

Booth: 21

Kevin Campbell

Digatron Power Electronics is an international group of companies with engineering, manufacturing and service facilities located in Germany, the United States, China and India. Digatron develops and manufactures computer-controlled test and formation equipment for all kinds of batteries, ranging from batteries for mobile phones to automotive batteries to huge submarine batteries. But also for other kinds of electrical energy storage devices like fuel cells, supercaps and hybrid systems Digatron supplies high dynamic test and load simulation systems. The combination of heavy duty power electronics in linear or switch mode technology along with digital controllers, data acquisition and comprehensive management software is what makes Digatron unique in this field.

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Dan Fatton

For more than 110 years, ECS, an international nonprofit, educational organization, has led the advancement of electrochemistry and solid-state science and technology research. ECS membership includes more than 9,000 scientists in over 70 countries, and approximately 100 corporations and government labs. Bridging the gaps in academia, research, and engineering, ECS provides an unparalleled forum for the integration of these areas of science and technology through its technical meetings and publications, and networking opportunities.

EL-Cell GmbH
Booth: 18

Susana Moreira Hartung

EL-CELL supplies academics and industrial researchers with lab-scale electrochemical equipment for battery testing. The main focus is on development and research of Li-ion batteries. Within this area, EL-CELL offers a wide range of products and services; different kind of test cells, tools, consumables, on-site trainings and turn-key solutions for Li-ion battery research.

Booth: 23

Abe Krebs

Gamry Instruments designs and manufactures single and multichannel potentiostats and accessories for battery research and testing. Our multichannel system is the most flexible and modular multichannel system available. Systems range from 600 mA to 30 A and all are EIS capable. Stop by to find out how we can help you get the most out of your research.

Hohsen Corporation
Booth: 8

Daisuke Sakai

Hohsen supplies lab-, pilot- and full production scale manufacturing equipment, components and tools for making Lithium-ion batteries and Lithium-ion capacitors with coin cells, pouch cells, cylindrical cell, and prismatic cells according to requirements.

Booth: 19

Toon Baars

Ivium Technologies manufactures potentiostat/galvanostats with integrated FRA/EIS; including the only truly portable USB powered potentiostats with EIS for field use: the Handheld pocketSTAT and the CompactStat; the Vertex entry level and IviumStat high power instruments. Also we offer an affordable high grade multichannel potentiostat for i.e. battery testing. Our powerful IviumSoft control and analysis software is included free of charge with each instrument. Additional options and modules are available.

Kurimoto Ltd.
Booth: 6

Yukiko Fujita

Since the company’s founding in 1909, Kurimoto has helped to build social infrastructure and improve industrial equipment. We accumulated the powder processing technologies since company's formation and our powder equipment has been installed in a variety of fields. Now we offer the continuous mixer, KRC kneader, to make slurries and it can improve your process.

Booth: 5

Mark Hulse

Maccor manufactures testing equipment for the battery and energy storage market (i.e. batteries, capacitors, fuel cells, etc.). Maccor Inc. was the pioneer, and is the world’s largest commercial manufacturer for this type of equipment. More companies rely on Maccor everyday for their battery and cell test equipment needs. Today Maccor has thousands of systems in operation in more than 50 countries.

MANZ Italy Srl
Booth: 15

Stefano Saguatti

Arcotronics, since 1986 is providing advance energy storage device R&D cell assembly equipment.

Pilot assembly equipment:

  • Cells winding,
  • Cell stacking and folding,
  • Cell packaging, & Electrolyte filling,
  • Cell laminate packaging.
  • Lithium metal batteries,
  • Lithium polymer batteries,
  • Lithium ion batteries,
  • Supercapacitor.

Materials Mates Italia
Booth: 10

Paulo Lupotto

Materials Mates Italia produces instruments and ancillary equipment for electrochemistry. We are specialized in custom-made equipment like high power multichannel EIS systems for stacks or segmented cells or abusive LiIon test systems. We offer also a line of standard instruments that include extreme temperatures and controlled atmosphere sample holders for materials testing, potentiostats and EIS measuring systems.

M. Braun Inertgas-Systeme GmbH
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Turning ideas into solutions. From standard glovebox systems to customized turnkey systems, M. Braun is one of the world's leading companies for inert gas technology. Special dry-only, dry and Oxygen-free and even Nitrogen-free workspaces in different standard and highly customized designs can be offered for Battery research, manufacturing, and analysis applications.

Booth: 20

Alanna Carty

From cutting edge scientific research to routine surface investigations, NT-MDT has a unique and unrivalled portfolio of scanning probe microscopes. Our application-focused instruments provide you with a full range of capabilities in AFM-Raman, high-resolution, multi-frequency measurements, and AFM based nanomechanics. As an innovator in SPM for over 20 years, NT-MDT has a specialized high-performance solution for your research needs.

PEC North America Inc.
Booth: 13

Peter Ulrix

PEC delivers the building blocks for the development and manufacturing of large format cells, modules and battery packs for automotive, aerospace and defense applications. PEC’s offerings include R&D test equipment and automated cell finishing lines automating all process steps after the electrolyte filling (soaking, formation, grading, degassing, ageing, stand loss, sorting…).

Booth: 3

Pier Giuseppe Bernini

Lab testing and production equipment for Lithium ion cells and Battery packs. SoLith provides cell assembly equipment for Lithium ion and supercapacitor production including winding, stacking systems, electrode punching, tab welding and pouch forming. In cooperation with Bitrode Corp., SoLith also designs and supplies formation and testing units from cell to battery pack level.

Thermal Hazard Technology
Booth: 9

Phill O’Kane

Thermal Hazard Technology, a world leader in battery calorimetry and heat measurement, has a product range to meet the evolving requirements of the EV lithium battery market. As well as the Accelerating Rate Calorimeter (ARC) for battery components and small cell testing, latest products include:

  • EV+ Accelerating Rate Calorimeter (EV+ ARC) for worst case abuse testing of EV lithium battery cells.
  • Isothermal Battery Calorimeter (IBC) for accurate heat generation measurement and heat capacity of lithium batteries for a range of sizes from coin cell to large prismatic.

Toray Battery Separator Film Co., Ltd.
Booth: 14

Takeaki Fujii

Toray Battery Separator Film Co., Ltd. Our battery Separator Film (BSF) business operates through entities in Japan and South Korea, with 5 global sales offices (Japan, South Korea, China, Germany, U.S.), two manufacturing plants (Japan and South Korea), and R&D facilities, we are prepared to respond with speed and precision to global demand for BSF.

Wildcat Discovery Technologies, Inc.
Booth: 16

Ross Russo

Wildcat uses proprietary high throughput technology to accelerate battery R&D. This massively parallel technique enables our scientists to investigate hundreds of materials in the time standard laboratories look at a handful. As a result, Wildcat’s customers reduce R&D costs and get products to market faster. Wildcat’s unique method involves the synthesis of materials in bulk form and the evaluation of those materials in individual batteries, thousands every week. New cathodes, anodes, electrolytes, synthetic methods and formulations are all possible. Whether your goal is near term cell optimization or longer term breakthrough discoveries, Wildcat is ready to help get your new cell technology to market… F-A-S-T!

WMG centre High Value Manufacturing Catapult
Booth: 2

Paul Blackmore

WMG centre High Value Manufacturing Catapult works collaboratively with business to transfer cutting-edge research into the marketplace. Our Energy Innovation Centre includes: a Battery Materials Scale-Up Pilot Line (providing a one-stop-shop for the development of new battery chemistries from concept to fully proven traction batteries), Battery characterisation laboratory, aggressive testing chambers and an electric/hybrid drives test facility. Research is currently focused on the immediate priority of developing cheaper, higher energy density, safer batteries but will over time extend to other technologies such as fuel cells, ultra-capacitors and inductive charging.

For more information about exhibiting at IMLB 2014, please contact Dan Fatton at dan.fatton@electrochem.org or 609.737.1902 x 115.

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